St Paul’s has a long tradition of providing opportunities for the congregation to serve and support those who are vulnerable and in need. We especially look for opportunities to support others annually in the lead up to Christmas. This year the tradition continues as the Justice and Mercy Ministry Team is once again offering several different opportunities across local, wider community, and international communities. You may like to choose from one of our Advent Actions or participate in them all, it is entirely up to you.

Asylum Seekers in Australia
Compiled by Grandmothers For Refugees

As the lifting of restrictions is bringing most of us some joy, unfortunately freedom is continually being denied to many refugees. What would Jesus say or do? What can you do?   

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Australian Lutheran World Service
Australian Lutheran World Service is the overseas aid and resettlement agency of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Choose a 'Gift of Grace' as a Christmas gift for someone you know, and change lives in the process!
Or consider donating to the ALWS Christmas Appeal, or other relief needs throughout the world.

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Angel Tree Program
Prison Fellowship

Thanks to the generous willingness of our members to provide support to Prison Fellowship - Angel Tree, through direct buying of presents or donations, we are able to fully provide for the 120 children (from newborn to 16 years old) we committed to!

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Whitehorse Winter Shelter

Homelessness is a hidden scourge in our society, and is not just an issue for our government, but it is also for our churches. We have a biblical mandate to love our neighbour. These people may be couch-surfing, sleeping in cars, or out in the open, where they are even more vulnerable. The Whitehorse Winter Shelter program run by Whitehorse Church Care aims to provide shelter for up to about 10 men during the colder months of winter.

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